Higher Order

Philosophy and functional programming.

New Beginnings

I have not seriously updated the old Apocalisp blog for quite some time. Mostly this is due to the fact that I have been spending all of my creative time outside of work on writing a book. It’s also partly that putting a post up on WordPress is a chore. It’s like building a ship in a bottle.

So I have decided to make posting really easy for myself by hosting the blog on GitHub. I am using a dead-simple markdown-based framework called Octopress. With this setup I can very easily write a new post from my command line and publish by pushing to GitHub. This is already part of my normal coding workflow, so it feels more friction-free.

The new blog is simply titled “Higher Order”, and is available at blog.higher-order.com. Check back soon for posts that I’ve been sitting on but have been too lazy busy to post.

All of the old content and comments will still be available at the old address, and I’ll probably cross-post to both places for a little while.