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Pulling Out of Functional Programming in Java

After giving it a lot of thought I have come to the conclusion that I won’t be involved in “Functional Programming in Java”. There are many reasons, including that I just don’t think I can spend the time to make this a good book. Looking at all the things I have scheduled for the rest of the year, I can’t find the time to work on it.

More depressingly, the thought of spending a year or more writing another book makes me anxious. I know from experience that making a book (at least a good one) is really hard and takes up a lot of mental energy. Maybe one day there will be a book that I will want to forego a year of evenings and weekends for, but today is not that day.

Originally, the content of FPiJ was going to be based on “Functional Programming in Scala”, but after some discussion with the publisher I think we were all beginning to see that this book deserved its own original content specifically on an FP style in Java.

I really do think such a thing deserves its own original book. Since Java is strictly less suitable for functional programming than Scala is, a book on FP in Java will have to lay a lot of groundwork that we didn’t have to do with FPiS, and it will have to forego a lot of the more advanced topics.

I wish the author of that book, and the publisher, all the best and I hope they do well. I’m sorry to let you all down, but I’m sure this is for the best.